Reviewing Policy

Hey Beauties,

Since Reviews are a big feature on this blog, i decided to write up a ‘reviewing policy’ as a go to place for everyone about how i review etc.

All products reviewed on my blog i have purchased with my own money, given to me as a gift or lucky enough to have them sent to me to review on the blog.

My reviews are always 100% honest and my opinion is completely my own, i will not accept products to review if expected to say its great when i dont think it is. Apologies in advance if my opinion on a favourite product of yours upsets or offends (as extreme as that sounds, it can happen), but everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes.

Timeline for reviewing products

How long i test each product depends on the product, and how many things i currently have to test. But the general timeline is as below:

2-3 weeks for Make-Up, Body, Haircare & Fragrance.

4-6 weeks for Skincare.

2 weeks for fashion items.

And occassionally i might review a resturant or tourism site, again i am not paid for my thoughts on this plaves and if i go to them and decide to share my time there, that is a personal decision and is simply because i love the place that much i just had to share!


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