About Me.


Hey Lovelies,

So 2016 was a bad blogging year for me, but towards the end of the year, it was an epic year for me personally. 2016 sucked for many many reasons, but for me it turned into the year that I finally, completely found ‘me’, but that’s something I’ll save for a post at some point.

So a little about me.

I’m Gemma, and from the lovely city of Coventry. I’m 26 and about to become a student (yet again) but this time i’m going after the career I’ve always wanted, not just one that will get me by. I will be studying Access to Higher Education: Social Sciences from January and if all goes well, will be studying a full time degree to become a primary school teacher  in September! Better late than never, but then again there is no age limit on following your dreams.

I have two fur babies that I adore (even though they drive me crazy), Riley and Tonks. I really want a dog, but my flat is too small so for now i’m making do with stealing cuddles with other people’s dogs haha.

 Music is one of my biggest passions, there’s really nothing a bit of music can’t solve. Metal is the main genre I listen to, but there are a few other genres that sneak in and every now and then. My other passions include photography, Films, reading and crafty things…though I do struggle with spending time for a lot of them atm….hopefully that will change soon!

I also enjoy playing around with make up and beauty bits, hence this blog!  I also really enjoy playing around with my hair and have recently starting to dye it bright and fun colours so there will probably I don’t really follow many make up trends, I’m no expert just a girl who loves experimenting with make up and trying new products, so there will be many reviews on this blog. There will also be lifestyle posts, outfit posts and any other ideas that pop up as and when!

Thank you for stopping by,




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