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Find your Perfect Puppy

Hey Lovelies,

I’ve not blogged in a couple of weeks, but I’ve been busy settling in on my course and waiting for my laptop to be fixed…it will finally be fixed next week so yay! I will be back up and blogging regularly as of next month!

Anyway on to today’s awesome topic…Puppies!

I love dogs, I sadly don’t have one at the moment because I live in a teeny tiny flat and already have two cats…but when I move in a few years, I have been planning on getting a puppy of my mine and been looking into what breed will be best for my lifestyle etc. And that’s where the wonderful people of Puppy Spot come in, they have a wonderful flowchart to see what breed would be best for you and your lifestyle. 

So I gave it a go and discovered that perfect type of dog for me would be ‘The Easy Going Playmate’, which actually included the breed I’ve been looking at for a while because of their easy going nature and being a breed that gets a long with other animals, which was a Golden Retriever. There are so many adorable ones on their website, I wanted them all! 

I’ve added the flowchart to this post so you too can find out which type of breed is perfect for you, ,maybe it’ll be your favourite breed or one you never thought much about before and end up falling in love with adorable puppies! And if you’re feeling the puppy love enough to adopt one, you can find ones looking for a forever home here.  

And if you want to fall  completely head over heels in love  with puppies even more , head to their website, ! 

Let me know breed you get in the comments or on social media!

Till the next time,