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Mouthy Mondays: Riley Update

Hey Beauties,

So this post was supposed to go up last Monday but for some reason it didn’t upload probably so action replay this week and hopefully this one works! I had hoped to be back blogging last week but both the posts I scheduled failed for whatever reason so it killed my motivation a bit but a week of happy memories and loads of Netflix (I got myself it as a reward for getting back into blogging…missed Netflix!)

Its been quite awhile since I put up my first post on Riley, so I thought I’d do a small little update with loads of pictures of my little Madam ❤ Especially this one I took of her snoozing on the bed yesterday!


She’s currently sat at the bottom of the bed watching me like she’s ready to pounce, which is one of her favourite pastimes, using me as human bouncy castle!

So, let’s start where we left off. She had her kittens but sadly none of them made it in the end 😦 We lost them all, not completely sure why but it was a very sad time! Riley was luckily OK after, she was a bit out of sorts but back to her old playful self after a day or two.



Since then I got her neutered, its not likely she’ll meet a male cat anytime soon but when she was in season it was a very long and loud few weeks…so it was best for everyone in the end! She seems happy since then too, more relaxed but still super playful.


She’s still a mega ‘fuss pot’ who will sit happily for ages getting a scratch under her chin and giving me ‘cat hugs’. I didn’t notice this till quite recently, she has a patch of white fur on her belly that’s heart shaped…its the cutest thing but getting a picture of that seems impossible as she always moves before I can get a photo!



She’s very fiesty, and loves play fighting with us as much as getting a fuss. She’ll hide and pounce on us from no where. She’s slowly getting better at realising she don’t need her claws when she play fights but occasionally will use me as a human scratching post. And shes started grooming me, curling up near me and licking me clean…such a little weirdo!



So that’s pretty much all that’s new with Riley, I’ll probably do another update sometime in June/July when I’ve had her for a whole year and update on all changes in that year 🙂

Till the next time,




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