Lifestyle: In this town of ‘Halloween 2014’

Hey Lovelies,

So I know its November and everyone has Christmas on their brains…but I wanted to quickly put up a few snaps from Halloween before it would be too far into the Christmas hype! Simply because I had a blast at my (shock horror) first ever proper Halloween Party and I completely loved my costume and the pretty brilliant costumes my friends all came in!

20141101_193329 20141101_213935

I decided to go as the doll from the Saw Franchise, Billy. Traditionally, Billy wears a suit and rides a trike , but I knew there was no way I’d get a trike in time which is annoying as that would have been a brilliant entrance! I also decided I’d not do the whole suit thing, and decided to add a feminine twist to it. I keep to the same main colours of Billy’s outfit and kept the iconic red bow-tie.  instead of a suit I wore a black skirt with a white shirt and corset on top of the shirt…and I completely loved the finished look! Add a pair of heels and the iconic facial make up…and I was ready to play a game!

20141101_210718 20141101_183430 20141101_210742

Genuinely one of the best nights I’ve ever had with some of the most amazing people I know, I have the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for ❤ And of course best costume had to go to my friend  who went as a suitcase! And Deadpool was a pretty close 2nd…in fact everyone looked amazing! And my best friend who came as his true inner woman ;).

20141101_201825 20141101_210442


Did you do anything special for Halloween? Send me Pictures of your costumes & parties!

Till the next time,




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