Hey It's ok

Hey It’s Ok #2

Hey Beauties,

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do another ‘Hey It’s Ok’ post as I love doing them and I haven’t done one since I started the blog!

So let’s go!

1) If your more excited about Halloween than Christmas atm…sweets and an excuse to dress up? I’m in!


2) If your boot collection is over flowing…it’s getting cold, we have to keep our feet cosy and stylish!

3) If you don’t miss Summer…cosy autumn nights are always better!


4) To indulge your inner geek (or not so inner if we’re talking about me) every now and then with awesome collectables…cuddly GIzmo anyone?

5) If you count down the days till your favourite series return…only 10 days to go till Walking Dead S5!

laurie-walking-dead twddaryl

6) To still not understand the ending to Lost…I’m re-watching and still confused!

Till the next time,




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