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24th Birthday Haul

Hey Beauties,

I wasn’t planning on doing a birthday haul as I didn’t really get enough to show in a post, as the majority of my presents were flat related stuff like a fridge or money towards the house…the perks of being a grown up running your own home!

But I did get a few really nice bits from my mum so I thought I’d post them up anyway in case you were interested.

 2014-09-15 09.56.04

2014-09-23 23.51.58 2014-09-23 23.50.29 2014-09-23 23.48.49 2014-09-23 23.47.01

My mum mainly picked me up a few little bits from Avon, because she’s getting me one of the essentials for my flat which is also one of the most expensive things needed when you have a flat to furnish but I love everything she got me, and i’m lucky to have such a lovely mum 🙂 And how cute is my mini birthday cake?!

What I got:

Avon Luck perfume set.

Two crystal bracelets (tigers eye & rose favourites).

Moustache necklace and bracelet.

Avon Blemish Clearing Tinted Moisturiser.

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Till the next time,




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