The Simple Pleasures

The Simple Pleasures: A Day Out With My Camera.

Hey Beauties,

So It’s been a few weeks since I last did one of these posts and I thought it was about time I put another one up!

And This week’s is about one of my favourite things to do when the weather is on my side (Sometimes even when the weather is awful):  Go out and explore my home town through the lense of my camera.  This week I took my Camera to two of my favourite places in the city, The Coventry Cathedral Ruins and The Herbert Art Gallery.

I went with a friend and I just love comparing the photos we’ve taken and sharing tips with each other on how to get perfect shot…and It was a generally good afternoon. The sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom and I got some really good photos.

DSCF7687 DSCF7698 DSCF7781 DSCF7814 DSCF7784 DSCF7779 DSCF7809 DSCF7801

Till the next time,




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