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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 5 Foods.

Hey beauties,

So it’s challenge day 5…and that means 5 foods…nom! I decided to pick my five current food loves!

Fesita Ultimate Nachos

1. Mexican Food. 

I LOOOOOOOVE  Mexican food, I seriously can’t get enough of it! In fact I even cooked Mexican food at the boyfriend’s house nom nom!

subway 2

2. Subway.

January I had an addiction to subway on my lunch break when at work and i still love Subway, I just eat it a lot less.  I would say I love it for the variety but I tend to always go for the same thing each time, Chicken Tikka with lettuce, onion and mayo on Italian bread…noms!

pretzels 3

3. Pennstate Sour Cream & Chive Pretzels. 

These are seriously so addictive! I’m a happy girl if I have a bag of these and Netflix on the go! If only I had a bag right now…

Roast lamb with potatoes and vegetables

4. Roasted Lamb.

Seriously do I need to explain this one? Everyone loves a roast and my favourite is Lamb without a doubt as it’s just perfection if done by my mum.

victoria sponge 5

5. Victoria Sponge Cake.

I’ve baked so many Victoria Sponge’s recently and their just delicious! Simple to make, but so tasty in the tummy! And everyone loves a classic right?


Till the next time,




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