Blogger Challenges

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge…6 Places.

Hey Beauties,

So today’s part of the challenge is 6 places, so I’ve picked places that i’d love to go/love to go again.

Let’s get started.


1. Rome.

I first went to Rome when I was 17 and I fell in love with the city, and have been wanting to go back ever since! It’s just a beautiful place with so much history and stunning buildings…my favourite type of place to go on holiday to. And the food…oh my I was in paradise! Italian food is the best, and it’s even better when your actually in Italy.


2. Venice, Italy.

Another Italian City…what can I say, I just have this love for Italy and the culture! I’ve never been Venice but again Beautiful buildings everywhere…and the fact the city is mainly canals and little islands, it sounds like a unique and beautiful place that I need to visit.

Verona Italy

3. Verona, Italy.

Ah, Verona. The home of Shakespeare’s most loved Romeo & Juliet. And setting of Letters to Juliet, one of my favourite films. I’d definitely go and put a letter in Juliet’s wall just for the experience and just look how beautiful it is, I could stay there for a very long time!


4. Paris, France.

I’ve visited Paris before but the last time I went was when I was 11 so It’d be a completely different experience when I go again. And of course, as a beauty blogger, I’d be picking up the legendary French beauty products!


5. New York, America.

As a hater of crowds, New York is probably the worst place for me. But i’d put up with the crowds happily to experience New York and it’s lifestyle. Central Park would be my haven during the break and of course, shopping would be done! A lot of it!

florida celebration

6. Celebration, Florida. America.

My mum and sister first took me to this hard to find, but perfect little town in Florida. I’d love to go back to Florida in general, but Celebration is my favourite place in the whole of Florida. It’s the perfect quiant american town with stunning houses, a gorgeous lake and a lovely little farmers marker. I love it all, and  I really need to go back soon!


Till the next time,




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