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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets.

Hey Beauties,

So I’ve had this challenge saved in my files for a very long time (in fact, I planned originally to post it on my old blog but as always, never got round to it.)

But I’m finally getting around to posting it, so let’s begin and if I enjoy this one, I might do more bloggers challenges so if you know of any good ones, let me know.


So today is Ten Secrets…let’s get stuck in!

1. I was in foster care from a young age so i have a VERY extended family.

2. back in my school days i had a major Emo phase, i even had an emo care bear top.

3.  In Primary school, I used to be part of ‘Mystery Inc’ with my best friends, solving mysteries on the school yard.


4. I’m a beauty product hoarder…i have sooo many different shower gels stocked up in my wardrobe!

5. As a kid i was never afraid of spiders, i was actually quite fascinated by them.

6.  I used to be in my Primary school choir.

7.  I’m a sugar junkie…anything with E numbers should be kept away from me.


8. My music taste is so so so varied…but the majority is rock/metal.

9. My favourite genres of films are horror & Rom Coms.

10. I’m a completely bookworm (not exactly a secret but I couldn’t think of any more!

Till the next time,




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