My Week On Instagram #5

Hey Beauties,

So it’s now offically Feburary which means that a responding sigh of happiness can be heard around the world as lets be honest noone really likes Janurary…it’s known as the most depressing month of the year and there’s good reason. Christmas is over, for most people money is a lot tighter and the weather is just bleak and miserable…horrid!

I am personally excited for Feburary as I have quite a few things to look forward too and i can’t wait to have a fun filled month.

Onto my Instagram photos from the week =).

my week on instagram

Options latest hot chocolate offerings..nom!/Love this saying./planning blog posts./Costa date with the best friend./Graze box delivery./Supernatural & Blogging night./Sleepy Kitty./Little trip to Lush./Gorgeous Kitten by my Granddad’s house./Ridley being adorable in my arms./New Double Trouble nail varnish duo from Technic./Puddle by mine..looks more like a pond./A little trip to Tesco./Need to try these!/Childhood treats./February photo challenge time.

So that’s everything from the week…and my January Photo Challenge post should be up next so look out for that!

Till the next time,



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