#FMSPhotoaday Challenge: January.

Hey Beauties,

So as promised, this is my round up of all the photos I’ve taken as part of the #FMSPhotoaday challenge…you can find more about it and the amazing blogger, Chantelle, behind it here. She’s been doing the challenge since 2012  and i did my first one back in December 2012 and tried to do 2013 but it was a crazy old year for me so i stopped around May and never really picked it back up…but i was determined to do it this year, and even tho i forgot till the end of the month, i completed it and have started on February’s one now.


on a sidenote, is it weird that i’m  already excited about what the photo prompt on my birthday is?

So let’s get started.

part 1

Day 1. Lunch./Day 2. Begins with G./Day 3. My Town./Day 4.Words to Live By./Day 5. Found./Day 6. Happens Everyday./Day 7. Upside Down. /Day 8. Lucky Number./ Day 9. Natural./Day 10. Manmade./Day 11. Looking Down./Day 12. Colourful./Day 13. Makes Me Smile./ Day 14. 3 Things./Day 15. Black + White./ Day 16. Sun.

part 2

Day 17. Tiny./Day 18. Happy Place./Day 19. Breakfast./Day 20. To Do List./Day 21. Blue./Day 22. Nice!/Day 23. Bedtime./Day 24. Your Space./Day 25. A Taste of Summer/Winter./Day 26. Fun Stuff./Day 27. Something I Bought./Day 28. Dinner./Day 29.Window./Day 30.Best Invention Ever./Day 31. Polka dot.

So that’s everything, and i will be back with February’s one in March!

Till the next time,





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