Hey It's ok

Hey It’s Ok #1

Hey Beauties,

Everytime i buy Glamour, the first thing i read is always the ‘Hey It’s Ok’ feature and i’ve seen a few other blogs doing a a similar feature and i decided i just have to join it with this, because i completely love the feature and it always puts a smile on my face and makes me giggle!

So here’s my verision! And if you have any…please leave me a comment below!


1) If you prefer a cosy night in with your pet than going out on a friday night…who really wants to wait to get into a bar in this weather.


2) To do the ‘well i did warn you’ look when a friend/family member tells you that the situation you warned them would happen, happpens…well you did tell them.

3) To have confess all your secrets to your pet….they don’t answer back and can’t tell anyone else…perfect. If they could talk though, we’d be doomed!

4) If you decide to have a make up clear out …. but then end up putting half the products back… you will get that bright blue eyeliner to work for you…one day… maybe.

5) To stay up all night watching Netflix when you have work tomorrow…it’s impossible to resist!


6) To count sale shopping or any type of shopping as your weekly exercise…all that decision making, swatching and fighting for bargains is hard work!

Till the next time!





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